Welcome To Sano Foods

A Taste Of Health

Sano Foods Limited is an indigenous Nigerian brand that processes, packages, and distributes 100% organic foods and beverages sourced from smallholder farmers from rural communities in Nigeria. Sano Foods was born out of passion for the health and wellbeing of consumers. We pride in the production and supply of 100% organic foods and beverages that promote healthy living and help reduce the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration by about 25%, helps skin growth and repair, and protects cells from free radical damages.

We care about your health and wellbeing and owing to the continuous decline in health statistics in the world, we are more determined to provide you fresh and organic food products that will aid constant healthy eating habits. Ranging from fresh livestock to spices and seasonings that makes every meal special, our healthy variety of staples and puree, not forgetting our healthy beverages and ready-to-eat specials, we are out to help you stay ‘in health’ even as you go about your daily hustle and routine.

Our Mission

To bring delicious and nutritious food and spices to health-conscious people who love good food, and give people the platform for wealth creation.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of organic and nutritious foods to Nigerians, thereby contributing to the health and wellbeing of Nigerians, and promote farmers’ livelihood.

Our Core Values

Passion, Hard Work, Innovation, Discipline, and Originality are the values with which we run towards achieving our vision as we strive towards perfection.

− Quality −

The best way to experience our products is to try them!

Why Choose Us

We provide a brand that meets every need from already established distributors to a new beginning chef in the kitchen. At Sano Foods, we are unrelenting in staying abreast of innovation, product development, and consumer trends that ensure you have nothing short of the best.

Our wide range of affordable fresh and ready-to-eat foods and beverages are a delight to your diet. Make a decision today to beautify your dishes with so much goodness your health will be grateful for.