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Our wide range of affordable fresh and ready-to-eat foods and beverages are a delight to your diet. Make a decision today to beautify your dishes with so much goodness your health will be grateful for.

Turmeric Powder

Thyme leaves

Chili Pepper Powder

Sweet Basil

Tropical Basil

Pepper Soup Seasoning

Curry Powder

Jollof Rice Seasoning

Fried Rice Seasoning

Chicken Seasoning

All Soup Seasoning

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Juice

OFSP Garri

Turmeric Garri

OFSP Fries

OFSP Flour

OFSP Puree

Dried Catfish

Classic Loaf

La Familia Loaf

Amet Coconut Loaf

Fresh Basil Slipper

Ginger Bread Roll

Fresco Delight Roll

Garlic Bread Roll

Turmeric Bread Roll

OFSP Bread Roll