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Frequently Asked Questions

Sano Foods Limited is an indigenous Nigerian brand that process, package, and distributes 100% organic foods and beverages sourced from smallholder organic farmers from rural communities in Nigeria. Sano Foods was born out of passion for the health and wellbeing of consumers.
All Sano Foods products are organic. We pride ourselves in the production and supply of 100% organic foods and beverages that promote healthy living.
Our head office is at Ikoyi in Lagos State but we also have outlets in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abeokuta respectively.
We have five broad food categories. They include organic spices, organic beverages, organic meat and fish, organic staples, and organic puree.
Sano Foods products are available at our various outlets in Lagos, Abeokuta, and Ibadan. You can also order our products online on our official sales partners page - foodpark.ng.
Yes, all our products are naturally sourced, 100% organic products.
Our products have been tested and approved by NAFDAC and our customers are full of testimonies of the positive impact of the products on their health.